what i do?

Am an Information Risk Consultant and Penetration Tester, i specialize mostly in penetrating secure networks/computer systems where i simulate an organized professional attack against your organization, where after that a detailed report with weakness and exploited vectors are summarized. This will help you gain control over your infrastructures security and maximize your protection.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Script kiddy tutorial

1. You goto milw0rm, neworder, bugtrak (and so one) and you find the latest exploit for some deamon that you know the name off, (then u would guess it must be very common).

2. You install the daemon locally, the vulnerable version and test the exploit locally, probably it's try, a hoax!!!& u'll have to reinstall your PC a dozen times before you post the code and get laughed at with the "rm -rf /" in the code.

3. You come and cry and stomp your feet in every forum on the network saying "how do i compile", after a month of so, you got yourself a .out (wtf is that???)

4. Repeat step 3 with asking what is a .out

5. Woho Your leet, time to prove it, goto step 6

6. With your locally installed vulnerable daemon and exploit ready to go, you check out the banner of the daemon, and write it down

7. You make yourself a little script that nmap a certain the port that deamon runs on and try to match the banner of the vulnerable one.

8. Find an ip range of dedicated servers, cheap ones are the best, like some dedibx because there are thousand of people that just buy them and don't do anythnig with time or update them as they have no value.

9. Scan them all NIGHT ...

10. Wake up and run your leet download and compile the exploit.

11. Get banned from all Forums, and look like a total retard.

TO BE CONTINUED...........


Saturday, July 14, 2007



Well, i'm going to be 26 today, and i just had the best fooling ever from my friends. First they DOSed my server in the morning, then they made a stupid account in one of the forums i constantly browse and a senior member also, with a name chuksjonia-junior. Then everybody said its my kid turned hacker and he is selling hacked paypals, Lol! And ain't a father yet.

And this is the best text i got today from a friend who got my number:

Birth is a "START OF LIFE" beauty is a "ART OF LIFE" love is a "PART OF LIFE" Death is a "LAST OF LIFE" But friendship is a "HEART OF LIFE" happy birthday 2 Chuks.

Thanx for the support over the years guys. All the best this Saturday, bye.


Monday, July 02, 2007



U can download the script here, if u didn't find it:

Its written in Python, so just compile it.