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Am an Information Risk Consultant and Penetration Tester, i specialize mostly in penetrating secure networks/computer systems where i simulate an organized professional attack against your organization, where after that a detailed report with weakness and exploited vectors are summarized. This will help you gain control over your infrastructures security and maximize your protection.

Monday, February 06, 2012


So we are starting the pre-hackbattle this week and we are still waiting for registrations from members of Security Forum, though its taking long. We are expecting to start on 10th of this February, and we should be able to announce the winners by 14th this Feb.

Competitors will be expected to send 500/- bob on Mpesa to Kennedy
Kasina, 0720-269-850, to register for the competition. An email with
the IPs will be sent via email to the registered members.

The funds collected will be used to pay for the infrastructure since we don't have sponsorship, the servers bought for this came straight from my pocket. Extra amount, we are thinking of giving it to Children Home around Nairobi.


1. Any personnel involved with the infrastructure set up will be
disqualified for the contest
2. Every registered competitor will be needed to have a full report of
his actions
3. Any changes of the major file to mess up with the checksum, will be
considered as a disqualification.
4. Any type of DOS will have your IPs blocked
5. Teamwork is allowed.
6. Winners will have to show how they hacked on major hackbattle later
this year.
7. The registration will only be allowed from EAC members.
8. Trying to social engineer moderators will be considered as a cool :)
9. How to win, hack the infrastructure the fastest


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